BEE N COMPANY KISISEL BAKIM URUNLERI ITHALAT IHRACAT LIMITED SIRKETI Personal Care Products, Personal Care Product, Personal Care, Personal Care Cosmetic, Wipe, Alcohol Wipes, Antiviral Wipes, Alcohol Antiviral Wipes
BAYRAK GRUP ORMAN URUNLERI ITH. IHR. SAN. TIC. LTD. STI. furniture, home furniture, wooden furniture, kitchen cabinets, kitchen furniture, bathroom furniture, bathroom cabinets, wooden doors
NANOFARM KIMYA VE TARIM PAZ. SAN. VE TIC. LTD. STI. agricultural, farm products, agricultural produce, agricultural products, fertilizer, organic fertilizer, npk, ec fertilizer

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Bayrak Grup whose main activity is lumbering, has got 2 factories which manufacture timber with raw form and process them for getting ready to any structure. Also Bayrak Grup manufcatures laminated wooden door and window systems, laminated parque, laminated stairs, kitchen and bathroom furnitures. In industrial product range company has got door stile which is used for american panel doors, finger jointed door stile, door case adjusted door trim, pp doorcase, adjusted door case, american door wing, furniture doors. Copany exports lots of companies in the world such as Germany, Bulgaria, Dubai, Greece, Italy, Austria, Syria, Africa.
Bee-N Company provides international trade services all over the world more than 10 years. Today, the company has expanded its marketing position in the sector very consistently. Especially, the company has an active marketing position in the Middle East countries and it plays a valuable role in the European countries as well. ​ The company manufactures all types of private label products such as wet Surgical Masks, T II R Surgical Masks, T I Surgical Masks, Medical Masks, Hospital Masks, Fully Ultrasonic Masks, Disposable Masks ​ There are also many products which are supplied by the company such as toilet paper (recycle and virgin pulp), paper towel, facial tissue, dispenser, air fresheners, hand sanitizer, hand foam cleaner, A4 paper, all beverages and so forth. ​ The aim of the company is to supply best quality products with the highly competitive prices for customers. In conclusion, the total quality management is very important part of the company mission for every stage of the trade because the company' team has to serve with great responsibility and determination. Therefore, Bee-N Company workers have high motivation and high concentration to provide best services for every single customer equally and meticulously all over the world.
NANOFARM CHEMICAL AND AGRICULTURAL MARKETING INDUSTRY. TIC. LTD. STI company was established in Turkey's most fertile agricultural areas and at the heart of agriculture in Antalya Organized Industrial Zone in 2010. It has a production and storage facility of organic, inorganic and organomineral fertilizers in liquid, powder and gel forms . NANOFARM, taking into account soil quality and climatic conditions, in the field of plant nutrition, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium primary nutrient products; calcium, magnesium secondary nutrient products; manufactures high quality fertilizers that increase product productivity in agriculture, including copper, zinc and trace element blended products and presents them to the conscious agricultural sector. We also define specific products; Our fertilizers are enriched with plant growth regulators, seaweed, amino acids and organic acids. All of our products are produced within the licenses obtained from the T.C. General Directorate of Agricultural Production and Development of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. Our company continues its efforts to reach all over the country as a production and distribution network at home, but has started our foreign sales since the beginning of 2017. NANOFARM, which wants to concentrate on exports by addressing its demands in the foreign market, has started to invest in new machinery.